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Network Security and Security Cameras

Network perimeter security is the first line of defense in an effective information security program. Network firewalls, whether they be UTM based or next-generation devices form the foundation necessary to protect your organization’s data, network and critical assets from outside intruders and threats. Yet, many organizations continue to be challenged by managing these solutions in-house, due to the heavy technical burden of day-to-day management or lack of available, skilled security expertise. Lynx service is designed to address all of the complexities associated with the deployment, management and ongoing threat monitoring of these enterprise firewalls, including in-depth support.
Lynx specializes in the design and installation of cabling systems for office local area networks and telephone premises wiring. We are prepared to provide everything from a single patch cord or cable for overhead speakers to the design and installation of cabling systems for an entire high-rise building or campus environment.
Cabinets and Relay Racks
In addition to cable installations, Lynx will lay out and install computer room equipment including patch panels, equipment cabinets, relay racks, seismic restraints, etc. We are experts at closet cleanup.

Cable Testing
Lynx provides hard copy test results for installed cabling systems. At Lynx, it is not a cable until it is labeled, tested and documented. Lynx certifies every cable and provides documentation of a complete, functional installation including annotated site drawings showing station locations and numbers.